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This website has been decommisioned as of January 31st, 2022.
The Process Safety Incident Database (PSID) has been upgraded and moved to a new website!
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What is PSID ?
The center for Chemical Process Safety(CCPS) developed the Process Safety Incident Database to collect and share process safety incident information and experiences among participating companies.
Purpose and Scope
PSID tracks, pools, and shares process safety incidents among participating companies so process safety professionals can learn from the experiences of others, while minimizing the consequences of failures and corporate liability.
PSID contains important lessons to be learned from incidents that did or could have resulted in fire, explosion, fatality, multiple injuries, significant release of hazardous materials, and other unique process safety incidents (including near misses).
Anonimity and Confidentiality
The anonymity of organizations submitting incident data is carefully protected.
Any manufacturing company may participate in PSID provided they are willing to contribute their process safety incident data and share the cost of operation. Read More.